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Print and digital television media cannot be exempted from the rules: Ministerio I&B | India News


NEW DELHI: The I&B ministry has rejected requests from traditional print and television media organizations to exempt their digital media arms from being covered by the Information Technology Rules (Intermediary Guidelines and Digital Media Code of Ethics), 2021, on the basis that traditional media were already covered by existing laws.
In a June 10 order published on Friday, the ministry said: “The justification for including digital news portals / websites from organizations that have traditional news platforms in the realm of the Digital Media Rules 2021 is well reasoned. Making any exceptions of the proposed nature will be discriminatory to digital news publishers who do not have a traditional television / print platform ”.
The Indian Newspaper Society and the News Broadcasters Association had written to I&B Minister Prakash Javadekar, requesting an exemption for traditional print and television media and their extended presence on digital news platforms. They had argued that the traditional media were already “sufficiently regulated by various statutes, laws, guidelines and codes, regulations and rulings.”
The ministry’s order also said that since print and television publishers had argued that they were already following existing regulations related to news content, asking their digital arms to follow the rules of digital media would amount to no “nothing.” new or additional compliance “. “As already mentioned, given that the Code of Ethics requires such digital platforms to follow the existing content standards / regulations that are in vogue in traditional print and television media, there is no additional regulatory burden for such entities. Consequently, the request to exempt the digital news content of these organizations from the scope of the Digital Media Rules 2021 cannot be accessed, ”the order said.
He also argued that while the Press Council Law covered newspapers, their news portals or websites were not covered by the Law. “The content also differs between traditional and digital platforms. Consequently, portals and websites, even of organizations that have traditional newspapers, will be covered by these rules, ”said the order, signed by Kshitij Aggarwal.

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