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Mayawati seeks to reorient BSP’s image, describes it as a ‘sarv samaj’ party | India News


LUCK: BSP President Mayawati on Saturday called on her party leaders and workers to connect with all sectors of society and broaden their base to improve the party’s electoral prospect in next year’s assembly elections .
In order to reorient the party’s image, he told party leaders and workers to remember that the Bahujan Samaj Party is a “sarv samaj” party, committed to the goal of “Sarv Jan hitay, Sarv Jan sukhay” ( serving the interests of all, the welfare of all).
Mayawati gave the instructions at a meeting here to discuss the party’s preparation for next year’s assembly elections.
Warning the men of the party against leaders who place more importance on their personal interests than those of the party, he said that the men of the party should have more confidence in the cadre than the leaders who are more interested in serving their own interests. while committing to the names of Dr. Bhimrao. Ambedkar and Kanshi Ram.
“Ultimately, those people hurt themselves more than the party, even if they find out later. It is important to be careful with these people, ”the former prime minister warned his party leaders and workers.
The president of the BSP recently expelled two high-level leaders, including the leader of the BSP legislative party, Lalji Verma, and his former chairman of the state unit, Ram Achal Rajbhar, for anti-party activities during the panchayat elections.
He also sought to convince party leaders and workers that “unlike other parties, the BSP is a cadre party, fighting for the well-being of the poor and the underprivileged throughout society.”
Consequently, the party’s culture of holding small cadre meetings should continue as they help the party to connect with the masses on the ground level and strengthen it, he said.
She also told her party workers that during her four terms as chief minister of state, the BSP government had done countless jobs for the whole of society and its weaker sectors, but later governments stopped them due to their Casteist mentality. and communal.
He also appreciated the work done by BSP workers to provide help to ordinary people during the pandemic.

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