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Kashmiriyat has the foundations of secularism, Cong will review the repeal of Article 370: Digvijaya Singh | India News


BHOPAL: An audio, allegedly from Rajya Sabha’s congressional leader and MP Digvijaya Singh, released by the BJP’s national TI cell, shook a hornet’s nest on Saturday.
In a Clubhouse talk between Digvijaya Singh and a Pakistani journalist, the former Prime Minister of Madhya Pradesh is allegedly overheard stating that if Congress returns to power, then it will “review” the Center’s decision to repeal Article 370.
Responding to a question about India-Pakistan relations, Digvijaya Singh said: “Democracy was not in Kashmir when (the Union government) repealed Article 370. Insaniyat (humanity) was not there because they put everyone after bars. And Kashmiriyat is something that is basically the foundation of secularism. ”
He then went on to defend Kashmiriyat saying: “Because in a Muslim majority state, there was a Hindu Raja and they both worked together. In fact, the reservation in Kashmir was granted to the Kashmiri pundits in government services. Therefore, the decision to repeal Section 370 and reduce J & K’s status is extremely, I would say, a sad decision. And the Congress Party will certainly have to review this issue. ”
The audio was posted Saturday morning by BJP IT Cell National Head Amit Malviya on Twitter. Malviya argued: “In a Club House talk, Rahul Gandhi’s top aide Digvijaya Singh tells a Pakistani journalist that if Congress comes to power he will reconsider the decision to repeal Article 370…. Really? Yehi toh Pakistan chahta hai (this is what Pakistan wants) … ”
The president of the state Congress and the unconditional of the Congress Kamal Nath declined to comment on the matter.
As of Saturday afternoon, the closest Digvijaya Singh came to a statement on the matter was a tweet in which he said: “A crowd of uneducated people do not understand the difference between duty and consideration.”
Following Digvijaya Singh’s tweet, State Congress spokesperson Narendra Saluja said: “BJP leaders are experts at diverting issues and spreading lies. BJP’s IT cell indulges in dirty politics and thus started with an audio from Digvijaya Singh on the repeal of Article 370. BJP leaders need to listen to the audio, look up the dictionary, and understand the difference between duty. and consider. He did not say that Article 370 will be brought back and explained that if the people of Kashmir wanted, we will consider it. The incompetence of the BJP has been exposed during the spread of the Crown, so they will try to divert attention to Pakistan, patriotism, nationalism, temples and mosques. ”

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