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Indian SIM Cards Used in China for Fraud Under the Lens | India News


NEW DELHI: Indian agencies are dedicated to obtaining details of 1,300 SIM cards, as they were being used by a gang of Chinese to hack accounts and commit financial fraud, a suspicious activity of a Chinese intelligence agency.
It was learned that all telecom operators were instructed to report to the agencies involved shortly after finding any suspicious links related to any SIM cards being operated from outside India, a source said.
According to the information, the agencies have asked these telecom operators to make a list of all Indian SIM cards that have been operated from China since 2010.
The move comes after agencies learned that 1,300 SIM cards were used to hack accounts and commit other financial fraud. The revelation comes after Han Junwe, a Chinese intruder arrested Thursday, told the agencies during his questioning.
Revealing the shocking fact, Han, a 36-year-old Chinese national who has been a wanted criminal in India, informed the agencies that he has so far brought around 1,300 Indian SIM cards to China using fake documents from India since 2010.
Han, through his associates, used to hide the SIM cards in his underwear and send them to China. “These SIM cards were used to hack accounts and commit other financial fraud,” said the Border Security Force (BSF), which arrested the suspected Chinese spy who allegedly sneaked into Indian territory by crossing the border between India and Bangladesh in the Malda district. of West Bengal.
“The purpose was to trick people using SIM cards to get their money out of money transaction machines,” said BSF, which is responsible for protecting 4,096 kilometers of the India-Bangladesh border.
The agencies also raided the hotel of the Chinese citizen that he has been running from Gurugram called “Star Spring” where some of his colleagues from China worked.
Han, who is now in the custody of the West Bengal police to continue legal proceedings along with the seized items, was detained under the Malik Sultanpur border post while attempting to illegally cross the international border (IB) between India and Bangladesh.
Han, a resident of the Chinese city of Hubei, entered Bangladesh on June 2. From questioning and from his recovered passport, it emerged that Han arrived in Dhaka on June 2 on a business visa and stayed there with a Chinese friend.
On June 8, he arrived at Sona Masjid in Bangladesh’s Chapainawabganj district and stayed at a hotel there, the statement said, adding that today (Thursday) he was trying to enter Indian territory when he was captured by BSF soldiers. .
During the interrogation, the Chinese said that even before this he had come to India four times. He had come to Hyderabad in 2010 and Delhi-Gurugram three times after 2019. He visited India more than four times.
Upon further questioning, Han said that when he had gone to his hometown, Hubei, one of his business partners, Sun Jiang, used to send him 10-15 Indian mobile phone SIM card numbers after a few days, which were received by he and his wife. But a few days ago, his business partner was captured by the Lucknow Anti-Terror Squad.
He said that a case has been registered against him and his wife after his business partner revealed his name to the ATS, and because of this, he did not obtain an Indian visa in China and obtained a visa for Bangladesh and Nepal to come to India.
Shortly after Han’s business partner was arrested by ATS Lucknow on various charges, the process of issuing a Blue Corner Notice against him under the procedure began.
One Apple laptop, two iPhone mobile phones, one Bangladeshi SIM, one Indian SIM, two Chinese SIMs, two pen drives, three batteries, two small flashlights, five money transaction machines, two ATM and Master Card, US dollars, Bangladeshi takas and Indian currency were recovered from his possession. The agencies are scrutinizing devices recovered from Chinese possession.

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