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Government Says Covid Data Is Transparent, A Junk International Media Report | India News

NEW DELHI: The Center said Saturday that it has been transparent in handling Covid data and has been urging Union states and territories to maintain a robust reporting mechanism to monitor cases and deaths by district on a daily basis.
Referring to an article published in the Economist that states that India has suffered an excess of deaths “five to seven times” higher than the official number, the government said that the article – it did not name the publication – in the international magazine is “speculative” and without any basis.
“It appears to be misinformed” as it is based on estimates that are not validated studies and analyzes, not peer reviewed by psephology groups such as “Prashnam” and “C-Voter” that were never associated with health research public, the government said.
“According to its own presentation, the magazine claims that ‘such estimates have been extrapolated from patchy and often unreliable data from local government, from company registrations, and from analysis of things like obituaries,'” the Ministry of Health said in a strong rebuttal.
“The purported ‘evidence’ cited by the journal is a study purportedly conducted by Christopher Laffler of Virginia Commonwealth University. An Internet search of research studies in a scientific database … did not locate this study and the journal did not provide the detailed methodology of this study, ”the ministry said.
Raising concerns about the “weak analysis” in the article, the government said it is based on “extrapolation of data without any epidemiological evidence.” “The studies used by the journal are not validated tools to determine the mortality rate of any country or region,” he said.

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