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Covid, Steroid Use for Treatment Likely to Cause Increase in Diabetes Cases: Doctors | India News


AHMEDABAD: Anil Mehta, 48, a real estate broker had never shown high blood sugar levels at his biennial medical check-ups. He had no risk factors such as hypertension or obesity and had a healthy lifestyle.
However, a severe Covid-19 illness that required hospitalization due to 80% lung involvement, saw him test positive for uncontrolled sugar levels above 500 mg / dl.
Six months after surviving Covid, Mehta is now a diabetic who takes two pills a day to keep his sugar levels in check. “Covid has given me diabetes as a parting gift,” Mehta says.
Gujarat, the diabetes capital of India, appears poised for a jump in the number of diabetics after Covid-19, as experts report a perceptible increase caused or detected during the Covid episode.
“A global analysis published in the Journal of Diabetes, Obesity & Metabolism last year showed that 14.4% of hospitalized patients with severe Covid developed diabetes. Nationally, experts estimate that 1 million diabetics will be added due to the pandemic, ”says endocrinologist Dr. Sanjeev Phatak, who has treated 80 patients diagnosed with diabetes after a Covid infection in the year of the pandemic.
“Covid can attack the insulin-producing beta cells of the pancreas, either causing the cells to fail or impairing their function, leading to high blood sugar or diabetes. Steroid use can also trigger it, although it is usually temporary, ”says Dr. Phatak.
Experts say that pre-existing factors such as obesity, hypertension, sedentary lifestyle, and pandemic-induced stress may also be triggers. “In many patients with risk factors, Covid accelerated the onset of diabetes. In many cases, diabetes may be present but not detected, ”said Dr. Bansi Saboo, a diabetologist.
Dr. Saboo said a national study is underway to understand the role Covid plays in precipitating diabetes and whether it is a permanent disease or a temporary metabolic disturbance that resolved when the inflammation resolved or the effects of the steroids disappeared.

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