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You may soon get a driver’s license without any RTO exams | India News


NEW DELHI: The Ministry of Highway Transportation has notified a new rule that will allow you to obtain a driver’s license after receiving successful training at any accredited driver training center and you will not have to take a driving test at any RTO.
The problem is, you have to complete the training and pass the test, which has to be electronically registered for the audit.
“This whole process will be driven by technology and without any human interference. Accreditation will be awarded to centers that meet the criteria of space, driving track, computer and biometric system and carry out training according to the prescribed study plan. Once the center issues a certificate, it will reach the motor vehicle licensing officer in question, ”said one officer.
The rules will take effect from July, which means that individuals and institutions interested in operating such facilities for driver training can begin applying to state governments.

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