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“Not given due importance …”: As Bengal BJP Leaders Attack Mukul Roy, Talk of Lobbying Politics in State Unity | India News


NEW DELHI: Mukul Roy’s departure from the BJP in Bengal drew strong reactions from party leaders even as it exposed differences within the party’s state unity. Some leaders felt it was the result of ‘lobbying policy’ in the state unit.
A section of the state leaders of the BJP is of the opinion that Mukul Roy and other high-ranking leaders, including Sabyasachi Dutta, were not given due importance by the high-ranking Saffron party during the assembly elections. They feel that only a handful of leaders, such as Suvendu Adhikari and actor-turned-politician Mithun Chakraborty, received all the responsibilities.
The ANI news agency, citing sources, said that there were differences within the party-state unity and that the elevation of Suvendu Adhikari as leader of the opposition in the Bengal assembly led to the departure of Mukul Roy.
Meanwhile, it is learned that the BJP must keep a close eye on its members of the state Parliament and the newly elected MLA in the state assembly.
Party sources said there is no reason to believe other leaders would leave.
‘Lobbying policy negatively affects the party’
Former MP Anupam Hazra claimed that the “lobbying policy” was negatively affecting the BJP in the state.
Taking to Twitter, he argued that it was about time the BJP state unit ended the practice and used leaders on their merits.
“One or two leaders have been given too much importance while the rest are ignored and humiliated. That has led to the current sad situation. There is also no trace of the actual passengers who had taken a chartered flight,” said the academic-turned-politician. , who had unsuccessfully contested the Lok Sabha polls in 2019, he said.
However, the former MP, who went from TMC to BJP in 2018, said that he will continue to be part of the saffron field in all circumstances.
‘Mukul was leaking internal information from BJP to TMC’
Hours after Mukul Roy returned to the Trinamool fold, the West Bengal BJP accused its former national vice president of leaking internal party information to Trinamool.
BJP State Vice President Arjun Singh said: “Nobody trusts him. Everybody knew that he provides inside information from BJP to TMC. If rivals know about your planning, it causes you losses.”
Arjun Singh further claimed that his time in politics was over.
“Mukul Roy was never a public leader. In West Bengal, you cannot do politics from the air conditioning room,” said the BJP state leader.
‘Mukul Roy is Mir Jafar’
BJP deputy Saumitra Khan compared Mukul Roy to Mir Jafar, commander of the Bengali army under the command of Nawab of Bengal Siraj-ud-Daulah, for his “betrayal”.
“The British East India Company teamed up with Mir Jafar to defeat Siraj ud-Daulah and enter India. We thought of him as Chanakya, but it turned out to be Mir Jafar. His son lost in the Bijpur assembly elections.” Khan said.
“BJP works for the country. Where there is Dharma, there is only Karma. In the Mahabharata, we saw that there was a war between Dharma and Adharma. Even Dronacharya died when he was with Adharma. Mukul Roy is Mir Jafar and nothing else, ”said the BJP deputy.
‘Mukul Roy’s departure will have no impact on BJP Bengal’
The president of the BJP state unit, Dilip Ghosh, claimed that Mukul Roy’s move will have no impact on his organization.
Ghosh, while speaking to reporters, said he was not sure if the BJP would lose anything with Roy’s decision, given that he was not “sure if we gained anything” with his entry three and a half years ago.
“Shouldn’t I resign as a BJP MLA?”
The vice president of the BJP state unit, Joyprakash Majumder, for his part, expressed his best wishes to Roy, but said that he should immediately resign from all positions in the saffron party.
“Mukul babu is a veteran leader, he is a known face in Bengal politics. We wish him the best on his new entries, but shouldn’t he immediately resign from the main membership and all other BJP positions? Should he not resign as the MLA as they had won a seat at the Lotus Symbol (BJP), “Majumder said.
Analyzing Roy’s claims that not many leaders could stay long in the BJP, Majumdar said: “We wondered if he was referring to TMC’s new policy of eliminating members of its main political rival.
“At least 18,000 ‘karya kartas’ (workers) of the BJP were forced to leave their homes due to the terror of TMC. Tribal women in Malda district have been made homeless. There have been other cases of attacks on women, which They are unmatched in India. These “Incidents in West Bengal are not coming to light. The intellectuals, perhaps, have run out of money to buy candles and hold protest demonstrations, “Majumdar added.

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