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Vaccination policy causing preventable deaths: BMJ | India News


London: The Indian government’s Covid vaccination campaign has inappropriately prioritized many, leading to large numbers of preventable deaths, warns a team of nine experts from UK and Indian research institutes.
The current government approach to vaccination, which focuses on the youngest age groups, “is causing large numbers of preventable deaths and is profoundly inequitable, both between and within age groups,” the researchers argue. a comment published in the British medical journal BMJ on Wednesday.
From May 3 to June 5, 2021, more first doses were given to people under the age of 45 than to those over the age of 60, despite the fact that at least 77 million people in their 60s remain unvaccinated, they wrote, urging the government to reallocate doses to older people.
The authors suggest that the move to make vaccines free for people ages 18 to 45 could increase the focus on young people, rather than those 45 and older. “… access is determined primarily by socioeconomic status, with very low coverage in rural areas and among the disadvantaged,” they wrote.
Many are “turning to private purchases … especially unaffordable for older people,” they added. The researchers are from the University of East Anglia, the London School of Hygiene and Tropical Medicine, King’s College London, the University of Aberdeen in the UK; TISS in Mumbai and Alagappa University in Tamil Nadu.

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