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Showdown: Twitter Breaks Out After UP Women’s Commission Member Blames Cell Phones for Rape | India News


NEW DELHI. Meena Kumari, a member of the UP State Women’s Commission, has said that girls should not be given cell phones as this leads to rape, while asking parents to keep the devices away from their daughters.
“The girls talk on the phone and then run away with the boys …” Kumari said during a Mahila Jansunwai (public hearing for complaints related to women) in Aligarh on Wednesday when asked by a journalist about an alleged increase in cases of violation in UP.

Kumari’s comments created a furor on social media and most users criticized her for the strange logic given by her. Many even said that she was unfit to be in a women’s rights body.

‘Blame everything but the rapists’

Irony of everything

‘It is not in line with PM Modi’s Beti Bachao Beti Padhao scheme’

However, there were few outliers that supported Kumari.

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