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Madurai MP opposes privatization of railway stadiums and sports complexes | India News


MADURAI: Deputy Su Venkatesan from Madurai has opposed the railroads’ decision to hand over 15 railway stadiums and sports complexes to the Railway Land Development Authority (RLDA) for commercial development and privatization.
In a letter to the Minister of Railways, Piyush Goyal, on Thursday, the deputy stated that the measure of the Railroad Board in the letter of May 18, 2021 regarding sports complexes is anti-popular and anti-national. “It includes the Integral Coach Factory land in Chennai,” he said.
Venkatesan said Indian Railways is the largest sporting entity with 50% international players and one third of the medal winners. “Most of them come from the backward and weaker sectors of society that emerged in sports and brought laurels to India due to the accessibility of sports facilities and infrastructure of Indian railways for ordinary employees,” He said.
The deputy noted that MS Dhoni and PT Usha were removed from the banknote verification category. He noted that 13 of the 21 Olympic medals that India won are for athletes on the railways. The railways also produced Arjun awards such as Sushil Kumar (wrestling), Baskaran (hockey), S Baskaran (bodybuilding), Vellasamy (weightlifting), Rajarathnam (kabaddi), Jaganathan (table tennis), and Tamil Selvan (bodybuilding).
“All this has been possible thanks to the free accessibility of the great sports infrastructure for common employees of both sexes on the railways, which otherwise would not be available to them. In the midst of the pandemic, two days ago, Prime Minister Narendra Modi reviewed the preparation of our athletes who are preparing for the Tokyo Olympics. The movement of the railways is contrary to the importance that the PM gives to sports development, “he told TOI.
He said 15 stadiums were mentioned in the letter from the Railroad Board.

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