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Jharkhand Says Only 1.5% Covid Vaccine Waste, 33.95% Figure “Old Data” | India News


RANCHI: Calling the Jharkhand vaccine waste figure by the Center at 33.95 percent as “old data,” the Hemant Soren government said Thursday that it had received permission from the central ministry to rectify related data and that the waste of vaccines was 1.5% in the state.
Efforts by the state government, including increasing the rate of inoculation, have caused vaccine waste to 1.5 percent from 4.5 percent previously, he said.
According to data from the center, Kerala and West Bengal recorded negative waste of Covid-19 vaccines in May, saving doses of 1.10 lakh and 1.61 lakh respectively, while Jharkhand reported a maximum waste of 33.95%.
“We have already raised the issue with the center during several rounds of video conferencing. The 33.95 percent waste data is old. The Union Ministry has given us permission to rectify the data on the portal.
“The permit has been received by us today only and we will rectify it accordingly, as the waste has reached 1.5 percent,” Jharkhand nodal vaccination official A Dodde told PTI.
Dodde said the correction process was underway.
According to vaccine data from the Jharkhand National Health Mission, in a short two-week period between May 26 and June 8, nearly 6 lakhs of new doses of vaccine were administered across the state.
Vaccine coverage in Jharkhand was 40.12 lakh doses on May 26, which increased to 46.07 lakh doses on June 8 morning, according to the state government.
“Until May 26, the net availability of vaccines in the state government was 42,07,128 doses, of these 40,12,142 doses were administered while on June 8, the net availability of vaccines was 46,76,990, from these 46,07,189 doses were administered to people.
“This resulted in reducing waste to 1.5% percent from 4.5% previously,” the Jharkhand government said on Wednesday.
Previously, at odds with the center over vaccine waste data, the Jharkhand government had said on May 28 that the union ministry agreed to rectify the state’s waste data after noting that the CoWIN portal until May 27 showed wrongly put the state’s waste figure at “38.45”. percent, much higher than the real one.
The assurance was given during a video conference between Union health ministry officials with health ministry officials from the four states, including Jharkhand.
The Jharkhand government sent a letter late May 27 to set the record just after Prime Minister Hemant Soren destroyed the center’s vaccine waste data for his state.
The Jharkhand government, according to the figures, had said then that if the waste figures are rectified based on the data attached to the letter, the waste figure will be less than 4.63 percent.
The Union Health Ministry in a statement on May 25 said that despite repeatedly urging states to keep vaccine waste below 1 percent, many states such as Jharkhand (37.3 percent) were reporting a waste much higher than the national average (6.3 percent).
In return, Jharkhand had objected, saying that it is incorrect to project the vaccine waste rate to be as high as 37.3 percent in the state, while the fact is that it is well below the national average and is currently 4 , 63 percent.
Prime Minister Soren had lashed out at the center, saying how can Jharkhand imagine that his “suraksha kavach” (protective gear) will go to waste?
The CoWIN portal developed by the central government for the vaccination program showed vaccine waste data for Jharkhand at 38.45 percent as of May 27.
“Total Jharkhand dose waste is projected as 38.45 percent on the CoWIN portal through May 27 … A list of session sites with actual data attached with the letter so that after the CoWIN portal rectification it can be project the right state, “project director, The National Health Mission wrote to the Ministry of Health and Family Welfare on the evening of May 27.
A statewide review assessed that human errors and typographical errors by certain vaccinators in the course of data entry into the CoWIN portal combined with certain glitches during the waste calculation in the CoWIN software resulted in a description of a waste. higher than actual, the letter mentions, the state government had said.
The Union government created the CoWIN portal and said that all immunizations will be part of the National Vaccination Program and will be recorded on the CoWIN platform along with the stocks and the price per vaccine applicable in all inoculation centers.
The platform sees the management and reports of immunizations.

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