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Indians Stagnant, Allow Round Trips, Delhi Tells Beijing on Sidewalks | India News


NEW DELHI: Since Indian citizens are still unable to travel to China, the government, while recognizing the need to ensure security and strictly follow Covid-related protocols, called for Beijing to facilitate essential round trip travel, especially considering the fact that Chinese citizens can travel to India.
China’s effective ban on the entry of Indian nationals since November last year, apparently due to Covid, has severely affected Indian students. In March of this year, the Chinese embassy issued a notification on the facilitation of visas for those who receive Chinese blows. However, many have complained that they have not been issued visas despite being vaccinated by Chinese coups. Responding to inquiries on the matter, the MEA reminded Beijing that currently, people from China can travel to India despite the absence of direct connectivity. “However, for Indian citizens, travel to China has not been possible since last November as the Chinese side had suspended existing visas,” said spokesman Arindam Bagchi.

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