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Covid-19: Second Wave Deaths Cross 2 Lakh to Over 2,000 Daily Average | India News


NEW DELHI: The official death toll in the devastating second wave of the Covid-19 pandemic in India has exceeded 2 lakh. The deaths recorded since March 1 of this year represent almost three out of every five deaths from the virus reported since the start of the pandemic in early 2020.
India has reported more than 2.05 lakh deaths since March 1 (taken as the beginning of the second wave), which translates to an average of more than 2,000 deaths per day. Deaths in the second wave now account for nearly 57% of all Covid deaths in the country. India’s cumulative death toll from Covid is currently 3.63,029.

Covid-19: Second Wave Deaths Cross 2 Lakh to Over 2,000 Daily Average | India News

Globally, only Brazil, with almost 2.25 lakh deaths, recorded a higher number during this 102-day period. The death toll in the US, cumulatively the highest deaths at over 6.1 lakh, was 82,738 as of March 1 (counting that day).
While daily deaths in India have decreased over the last three weeks or so, more than 16,300 previous deaths have been added to the number since the first week of May in data reconciliation exercises, with Maharashtra accounting for 11,583, Bihar 3,951 and Uttarakhand. 779.

In the last two days alone, up to 5,873 elderly deaths were added, 3,951 by Bihar and the rest by Maharashtra. In comparison, the daily toll on these two days was 3,671. Reconciling the old deaths in the general tally is a welcome step toward greater precision in reporting the numbers, experts say. The previous high number of deaths that were reported in Maharashtra, and now in Bihar, also points to the way health care and notification systems were overwhelmed by the second wave.
In terms of cases, the second wave accounts for around 62% of all Covid infections recorded in India since the pandemic hit that country. The country has registered more than 1.8 million million new cases since March 1, up from a total number of cases of just over 2.9 million million so far.
Since March 1, India has recorded more coronavirus cases than the US (48.7 lakh) and Brazil (65.7 lakh) combined.
On Thursday, the country reported around 91,870 new cases and 1,891 deaths, not counting the 1,522 previous deaths added by Maharashtra. While there was a marginal drop in cases, the day’s death toll was the highest in four days. On Wednesday, India recorded 93,993 new cases and 1,780 deaths.

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