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Calls for reform grow in Congress with the departure of Prasada | India News


NEW DELHI: A day after Jitin Prasada switched to the BJP, senior Congressional officials M Veerappa Moily and Kapil Sibal reiterated their call for reforms.
While Moily stated that the party must undergo “major surgery” and not rely solely on the legacy, Sibal said that “Congress must become the great party that it was. For that we need reforms ”.
Moily asserted that top management must prioritize ideological commitment while assigning responsibility to leaders. Claiming that Prasada had put “personal ambition” above all else, he said that the ideological commitment of the Uttar Pradesh leader was suspect from the start and that the party that won zero seats in West Bengal under his leadership proved incompetent. . He also stated that “you can’t make people leaders when they don’t deserve it.”
Kapil Sibal also disapproved of Prasada’s decision to join the BJP, calling it an ideological compromise. “Congress must become the great party that it was. For that we need reforms. We are fighting within the system, we have continued to raise problems. If the head stops listening, the organization will decline. All we want is for the Congress party to listen to us, ”Sibal said.
Moily, who had suggested after the 2019 polling debacle that Congress should undergo major surgery to be competitive, said the party had long delayed that “major surgery” and that it was “necessary right now, not there is tomorrow “.
“Congress should not depend solely on the legacy, but we must readjust and prepare for the competitive policy of Prime Minister Modi. It’s not that Modi is invincible, he can be defeated by putting our party back on track, ”he said. Moily was among the group of 23 leaders, along with Prasada, who had written to interim president Sonia Gandhi in August last year calling for organizational reform of the party.

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