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Those without the spine making efforts to rejoin TMC: BJP MP | India News


CALCUTTA: Amid reports of infighting within the West Bengal BJP and traitors expressing their desire to return to the TMC fold, a deputy from the state saffron party has said that “those without thorn” will make efforts to rejoin the ruling party.
The comments by Bishnupur BJP MP Saumitra Khan came hours after party leader Rajib Banerjee said Tuesday that “the people will not take kindly the threats of the president’s government” against an elected government with a huge mandate.
Khan, in a social media post, said: “Remaining silent when 42 BJP workers have been killed indicates support for the ruling party … Are you seeking re-entry to your old party because you were unable to become a minister?”
Banerjee, a former Mamata Banerjee cabinet minister, joined the BJP before the assembly elections, but was unable to retain Domjur’s seat in Howrah district, from where he was sent by the saffron party.
However, the former legislator declined to elaborate on Tuesday’s comment, maintaining that he had said what he wanted.
Meanwhile, posters proclaiming “those who betray Mamata Banerjee have no place in Bengal” appeared in some places in Domjur on Wednesday. It is not immediately known who posted the posters.
“(Traitor) Mir Jafar will not be able to return to Domjur,” read one of the posters, which claimed to have been posted on behalf of local TMC workers.
Several TMC renegades have expressed their willingness to rejoin the Mamata Banerjee camp in recent weeks, notably former members of the judicial police Sonali Guha and Dipendu Biswas.
Some others have also reportedly been sending polls to the party leadership in hopes of returning.
With TMC MP Abhishek Banerjee recently visiting the ailing wife of BJP leader Mukul Roy in hospital, speculation abounds about a possible change in the equation between them.
Roy was noted for his absence from Tuesday’s meeting called by the BJP state leadership.
BJP state chairman Dilip Ghosh has also faced protests in different places from disgruntled grassroots workers, who have alleged that traitors were responsible for the party’s poor performance in the assembly elections.
There were also protests at the BJP state offices here before the polls over tickets that were given to some traitors shortly after joining the party.

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