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Offer to Stop Commercial Data Misuse: Officials | India News

NEW DELHI: The government’s instruction to states not to share “sensitive information” related to vaccine stocks without the Center’s permission is intended to ensure that vaccine data is not misused or used for commercial purposes, officials said. .
Data and analysis related to vaccine stocks and the temperature at which they are stored are often searched extensively by different agencies for crucial information related to trends in use, acceptance of vaccines in various population categories, and the status of the vaccine. electricity supply.
“This is not just for Covid-19 vaccines. Even in the past we have asked states and immunization commissioners that this data be shared strictly with the consent of the ministry, ”said an official.
Interest in such data regarding anti-Covid hits has increased further due to the significant gap in supply and demand.
While, on the one hand, such data can be used for market research and monitoring of adverse events, it can also be misused for malpractice, officials said. While vaccine-related data is updated in eVIN in real time to ensure tracking of stock status, storage management, temperature management, and other logistics-related issues across the country, many people They have requested that such data related to stocks be made public. However, ministry officials maintain that there is a great need to protect such data, as there are various business interests at stake and the information can be used for unauthorized market purposes.

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