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Covid Vaccine: Rs 150 Limit May Not Apply To Private Hospital Off-site Camps | India News


NEW DELHI: Although many private hospitals have expressed concern that the vaccination service charge capped at Rs 150 may not be adequate for organizing out-of-hospital sessions, the cap may not apply to off-site camps said a government official.
“The organization of camps is not covered at Rs 150,” a senior official told TOI. While most hospitals are ready to vaccinate people within the existing setup, they say the roof may not be suitable for organizing off-site “ close to home ” camps planned by them, including those with corporations, in residential housing partnerships or even to drive. -in vaccines.
Private hospitals urged both the Center and the respective state governments to provide clarity on the issue so that they can dedicate resources in that direction. “These are extraordinary circumstances and they need extraordinary steps. While for hospitals, it shouldn’t be a question of profitability, they wouldn’t pay out of pocket either. For in-hospital vaccination, Rs 150 service charge should cover the costs. However, there are overhead costs for organizing off-site sessions, ”says Commander Navneet Bali, Regional Director, North India, Narayana Health.
The hospital has waived charges for vaccination services inside and outside the camps. Most of the private hospitals were so far charging a service charge ranging from Rs 200-600 within the hospital premises and for sessions organized outside the hospitals, they had even suggested more than Rs 1000 as a service charge.
“The price cap is fine for vaccination in the hospital, but we have to organize camps or sessions outside the hospital that would require more manpower, resources and other overhead. Expansion of the sites will be feasible only if some leeway is given at least for off-site sessions, ”says Dr. Charu Dutt Arora, Covid care expert at Sarvodaya Hospital and Research Center.
Based on the price to private hospitals declared by vaccine manufacturers, the government has notified that private hospitals will charge 780 rupees for an injection of Covishield, 1,410 rupees for Covaxin and 1,145 rupees for Sputnik V. These include taxes and 150 rupees. as a service charge. A total of 42,274 sites performed the Covid-19 vaccination on Wednesday until 10:30 pm. However, only 1778 were in the private sector, the rest were organized by the government.

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