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Congress will organize a ‘symbolic protest’ at the national level on June 11 against the rise in fuel prices | India News


NEW DELHI: Congress will hold a nationwide “token protest” in front of gas pumps on June 11 across the country against rising fuel prices.
The opposition party has decided to take to the streets after fuel prices have passed the one hundred rupees mark in several states. The party has instructed all state units and the front organization to hold protests and demand a reduction in the price increase.
The general secretary of the Organization of Congress, KC Venugopal, has asked the state units to carry out a “symbolic protest” against the public loot and the urgent demand to reduce the rise in prices.
In addition, it has communicated that there should be a visible public campaign against the uncontrolled rise in gasoline and diesel prices and its impact on people struggling with an unprecedented economic slowdown, widespread unemployment, wage cuts and job losses. .
The protest will also involve top party leaders. KC Venugopal has said in a letter to state units that the entire country is witnessing a skyrocketing price of gasoline and diesel even amid the pandemic.
Rising gasoline prices will ultimately lead to an unprecedented rise in the price of all household items and essential commodities. Gasoline prices have passed the Rs 100 mark in many states.
In the past 13 months, gasoline and diesel prices have risen, which are currently at a record high.

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