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Bharat Biotech Executive and Researcher Will Discuss Vaccine Efficacy Study | India News


HYDERABAD: A war broke out on Twitter between Bharat Biotech’s SARS-CoV-2 project leader, Raches Ella, and Awadhesh endocrinologist Kumar Singh, principal investigator of a recent study comparing immune responses elicited by Covishield and Covaxin in workers. Of the health.
Although Ella tweeted about the limitations in the study on Monday, Singh objected to Ella pointing the finger at her study when Covaxin’s phase 3 results had not yet been released.
The study, conducted in 515 healthcare workers (425 Covishield, 90 Covaxin recipients), said that Covishield recipients had a higher seropositivity rate and an average increase in anti-pico antibodies (ASA) than those who received Covaxin. .
Other Twitterati also weighed in and many demanded that Bharat Biotech publish the results of phase 3.
She, who also leads business development at Bharat Biotech, expressed surprise at “researchers and the media reaching conclusions based on non-peer-reviewed work.”
“Limitation 1: Peak-based IgGs are not appropriate when evaluating covaxin, which induces broad antibody responses to spikes, N and M. Neutralization of live viruses is recommended,” he said. Limitation 2: The history of Covid was based on a verbal response and not on a pre-vaccination IgG test. The study does not take into account the asymptomatic (predominant presentation of Covid) and introduces a misclassification bias ”, he pointed out.
Singh tweeted: “Brother, the whole country is getting vaccinated even without the prepress phase 3 results … We owe a sincere thanks to Bharat Biotech, but that does not mean that one should lift a finger on the effort of the the rest. Of course, we will eventually produce published results! “Singh said that to understand the difference between the two vaccines, only AAS would help.
She said he was “not raising his fingers, just citing limitations … Say hello to your efforts … Phase 3 is coming out very soon.”

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