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Vaccination campaign against Covid: Priority for those over 45, those who need a second blow; states can modify the rule | India News

NEW DELHI: The vaccination program will maintain the priority ranking for healthcare workers, frontline workers, people over 45 and those who must receive a second dose, followed by the 18-44 age group, while facilitating the supply and payment of injections purchased by private hospitals through the electronic platform of the Health Authority.
The guidelines for the revised vaccination policy announced by Prime Minister Narendra Modi, where the Center will procure vaccines for eligible adults over the age of 18, state that the priority ranking will apply to the vaccines it obtains, but states can decide their own. prioritization taking into account supply programs.
According to a government statement, private hospitals will charge a maximum of Rs 780 for a Covishield injection, Rs 1,410 for Covaxin and Rs 1,145 for Sputnik V.
The role of the NHA is to ensure that small and remote private hospitals get timely and equitable access to vaccines and states should assist in the process by aggregating demand taking into account regional balance and facility sizes. The formula for assigning the Center to the states has largely not changed, based on the number of cases, population, and negative marks of waste.
Under the new policy that re-establishes the Center’s role in the procurement of vaccines for all states except a 25% quota of national production for private hospitals, the government will do everything possible to provide a 15-day supply schedule. of anticipation. The Center will provide, in addition to paying the bill, free vaccinations for everyone 18 years and older at government facilities.
Importantly, all government and private vaccination centers will provide walk-in registration facilities for both individuals and groups of people. “All citizens, regardless of their income level, have the right to free vaccination. Those who have the ability to pay are encouraged to use the vaccination center of a private hospital,” the guidelines stated.
There will also be non-transferable electronic vouchers to encourage people to help with the vaccination of the economically weaker section. These vouchers can only be redeemed at private vaccination centers.
“The revised program provides states with additional central government support in financing, procurement and logistics. It also facilitates scientific prioritization, broader access, leveraging private sector capacity, and flexibility at the state and local levels,” he said the Ministry of Health.

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