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Mutation of the virus and human behavior cause multiple waves in a pandemic: Director of AIIMS | India News


NEW DELHI: In case of pandemics caused by respiratory viruses, there are multiple waves, but the infection becomes seasonal when a large part of the population develops immunity, either by vaccination or by natural infection, said AIIMS director Dr. Randeep Guleria, amid concerns about multiple waves of Covid. -19.
“In respiratory viruses, be it influenza or coronavirus, when there is a pandemic, the waves usually come. This happens because at first the population is susceptible and then multiple waves come and then the virus becomes endemic and then the infection has a seasonality ”, said Dr. Guleria, pointing out similar trends observed during the Spanish flu in 1918 and even during the H1N1 swine flu pandemic in 2009..
Now, H1N1 swine flu cases are generally seen during monsoons and winters.
Warning people against complacency, Dr. Guleria said that the waves are produced because the virus changes to a point that leads to different variants as Alpha and Delta variants of SARS-CoV2 have been detected, but it is also due to a change in human behavior.
“Whenever cases increase, there is fear and human behavior changes. People start to follow appropriate Covid behavior and other non-pharmaceutical measures such as lockdown are implemented and thus the chain of transmission is broken and cases stop spreading. But as the cases begin to decline and unlocking occurs, human behavior changes again. There is overcrowding and people do not wear the masks correctly, ”said Guleria.
He emphasized that to stop the mext waves, appropriate Covid behaviors must be aggressively followed until a significant portion of the population is vaccinated.

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