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Jazzy B Twitter account withheld at government request | India News


NEW DELHI: Canadian-Punjabi singer Jazzy B’s Twitter account, along with three others, was detained in India at the government’s request on Tuesday, according to an online database, which tracks content restriction on networking sites social.
According to available information, the union government had made the request on June 6. The singer, who has more than 1.2 million followers on Twitter, has been tweeting frequently in support of farmers protesting the government’s December 2020 farm laws.
The other prominent account belongs to Sukhdeep Singh Bhogal, an Australian hip hop artist who goes by the stage name LFresh the Lion.
Bhogal has more than 5,600 followers. “When we receive a valid legal request, we review it according to the Twitter Rules and local law. If the content violates Twitter rules, the content will be removed from the service. If found to be illegal in a particular jurisdiction, but not in violation of the Twitter Rules, we may withhold access to content in India only, ”said a Twitter spokesperson.

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