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Choksi’s ‘girlfriend’ says she is not part of any spy ring | India News


Mehul Choksi’s alleged girlfriend, Barbara Jarabica, appeared on an Indian television channel on Tuesday and denied the “wanted” diamond merchant’s claim that he was kidnapped from Antigua and Barbuda and taken to Dominica.
Barbara claimed that Choksi aggressively courted her over the past year with gifts of diamond bracelets and rings that turned out to be fake, as well as offering her help starting an online diamond trading business and, when the original speech didn’t work, real estate. . draft. She rejected the accusation made by Choksi’s wife, Priti, that she was part of a spy ring, or colluding with Indian agents to kidnap him and get him out of Antigua on May 23, torturing him throughout the yacht trip.
“I had hundreds of opportunities driving alone with him on the island and walking with him. If I wanted to kidnap him, why would I do it at my house in the busiest hours of the day when everyone was out on the street, walking?” She said. , a claim that undermines the table of Choksi’s legal team that his client was kidnapped and dumped on the beach in Dominica.
Barbara said that she was not operating under any aliases or had attempted to change her name and this in itself was proof that she was not involved in the alleged kidnapping.
In another blow to Choksi’s “kidnapping” claim, the captain of ‘Calliope of Arne’, the yacht on which the accused PNB scam was transported to Dominica, claimed that he had sailed from Antigua at 10 am on 23 December. May after passing customs control, he did not come to Dominica clandestinely. A Dominican opposition leader, a sympathizer of Choksi, had claimed that he came through Calliope de Arne.
The Caribbean newspaper Associates Times quoted the yacht’s captain, Fernandes Fertinant, as saying that his yacht was chartered by two guests on May 19; The yacht sailed in the waters of Antigua for the next four days before departing for Dominica on the morning of May 23.
Choksi, his wife, and his lawyers have claimed that on May 23 he left his home in Antigua at 5 p.m. local time, went to Barbara’s home, where he was dominated by half a dozen strangers who broke in and tortured him before wrapping him up. . him in a wheelchair and taking him to a boat from where they took him to Dominica.
“We are deeply distressed by the claim of the Prime Minister of Antigua about a woman named Barbara as my husband’s girlfriend,” Priti Choksi had said in her serial interviews with Indian television channels over the past week. She also denied that the images circulating on television channels are not those of the woman with whom her husband had a “dinner date”, although she denied having met her.

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