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Tamil Nadu and Karnataka obtained more than 3000 tons of oxygen each through trains in recent weeks | India News


NEW DELHI: The southern states of Tamil Nadu and Karnataka have received more than 3,000 tons of medical oxygen each on Oxygen Express trains in recent weeks. These trains have delivered more than 2,800 tons of medical oxygen to Andhra Pradesh.
These three states still have a high number of Covid cases. Prior to that, Delhi and UP were receiving increased supply via trains as they faced a wave of Covid infections.
According to the Ministry of Railways, as of Sunday 376 Oxygen Express trains transported 26,280 tons of liquid medical oxygen (LMO) in more than 1,534 tanker trucks to various states. Six other trains were running with more than 483 tons of LMOs on Sunday.
The ministry said the maximum of 5,790 tonnes of LMOs was delivered to Delhi followed by 3,797 tonnes to Uttar Pradesh. “So far, Oxygen Expresses downloaded LMOs in about 39 cities or towns in 15 states. Indian Railways has laid out different routes with oxygen supply locations and remains ready, ”the rail ministry said.

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