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Speculation about the change in the UP government is a media creation: UP CM Yogi Adityanath | India News


LUCK: Making light of speculation about changes in the UP government in light of recent visits by senior BJP and RSS leaders to Lucknow, CM Yogi Adityanath said on Monday that the BJP would win with a two-thirds majority in the 2022 assembly elections.
Speaking on this issue for the first time during an exclusive interview with TOI, the CM said that some people are interpreting these visits and encounters differently and taking a new political turn, which is unfounded. “Furthermore, it was the professional compulsion of the media to sensationalize and exaggerate to get eye-catching headlines and attention,” he said.
“These meetings are not new. The BJP is a cadre party that does not adhere to nepotism. The party keeps its team active. To do this, senior leaders meet every two months and hold meetings with state units. Our state in charge (BJP National Vice President Radha Mohan Singh) comes to UP twice a month. The party chairman himself, JP Nadda, visited Lucknow four months ago, ”he said.
“As the ruling party, we are in various services to bring relief to the people. This is as per the instructions of Prime Minister Narendra Modi and Party Chairman JP Nadda. Be it the first wave or the second wave, the BJP and the Sangh Karyakartas have been rendering their services. Other political parties were not in sight, “added the CM.
When asked about next year’s assembly elections, he said: “We are ready to face any situation. We won in the 2014 Lok Sabha elections, the 2017 UP assembly elections and the 2019 elections. We are not only fighting a battle against coronavirus, but also against ‘rajnaitik sankraman’ (political infections). We will continue to fight under the leadership of Prime Minister Modi. BJP will win with a two-thirds majority in 2022. ”
To a question about the head of the UP in Congress, Priyanka Gandhi, writing letters to draw his attention to various issues, he said: “They are only doing paperwork to be in the spotlight. Others are simply tweeting to be in the media. Where were these people during the first and second waves? They have never liked serving people. It’s not in their genes. ”
Yogi also dispelled speculation about his “national ambitions.” “He had no ambitions when he was a deputy. I have no ambition even today. “He categorically called himself a ‘common soldier’ ​​who is working according to the vision of BJP and Prime Minister Modi’s campaign to ensure development, security and prosperity.” There can be no greater reason to be happy after considering the achievements of the state government in the last four years, ”he said, highlighting how the state managed to register economic growth and develop a solid infrastructure despite the pandemic.
“It’s for all to see. UP is no longer a state that witnessed riots every week in the past. There is no place to prioritize caste, community and language. The state will be the number one state in terms of per capita income, “said the CM.

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