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Lokpal received 110 complaints of corruption, four against parliamentarians, in 2020-21 | India News


NEW DELHI: Anti-corruption ombudsman Lokpal received up to 110 complaints, including four against Members of Parliament, during 2020-21, which saw a decrease of more than 92 percent from the number of complaints received in 2019-20, according to the latest official. data.
The Lokpal had received 1,427 complaints of corruption in 2019-20, it said.
Of the total number of complaints received in the last prosecutor’s office, 57 were against officials of the central government of Group A or Group B, 44 against presidents, members and employees of different boards / corporations / autonomous organizations fully or partially financed by the Center, and five were in the category “others”, it said.
On March 23, 2019, President Ram Nath Kovind swore in Judge Pinaki Chandra Ghose as President of Lokpal, the main body charged with investigating and investigating allegations of corruption against public officials, including the Prime Minister.
The eight members of Lokpal, four judicial and the rest non-judicial, were sworn in by Judge Ghose on March 27 of that year. At present, the Lokpal has vacancies of two judicial members.
Lokpal ordered a preliminary investigation into 30 complaints and closed 75 complaints after preliminary examination, according to the data.
A total of 13 complaints were closed after considering the preliminary investigation report in 2020-21, it said.
Up to 14 complaints submitted for a preliminary investigation against Group A and B officials were pending with the chief surveillance commissioner (CVC) and three with the Central Bureau of Investigation (CBI), the Lokpal data said.
A report of action taken in one case was pending with the Delhi Development Authority (DDA), he said.
Of the 1,427 complaints received by Lokpal during 2019-20, 613 were related to state government officials and four against Union ministers and members of Parliament (MP), according to the data.
He said that 245 complaints were against central government officials, 200 against public sector companies, statutory bodies, judicial institutions and autonomous bodies at the central level, and 135 against private individuals and organizations.
There were six complaints against state ministers and members of legislative assemblies and four against Union ministers, according to the data.
Of the total complaints, 220 were requests / comments or suggestions, he said. Up to 613 complaints were related to state government officials, public sector companies, statutory bodies, judicial institutions and autonomous bodies at the state level, according to the data.
Of the total complaints, 1,347 were resolved, he said, adding that 1,152 complaints were outside Lokpal’s jurisdiction.

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