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Experts Suggest a Way to Measure O2 Saturation to Get Supporting Information | India News

MUMBAI: A leading public hospital has proposed a simple method to predict which Covid-19 patients are likely to require oxygen support or increased care during hospitalization.
In a research article published in the latest issue of JAPI, doctors from the pulmonary medicine department at KEM Hospital said the assessment only requires oxygen saturation readings to be taken once while lying down and immediately another reading while sitting. . If the readings differ widely, the patient may have Covid-induced platypnea-orotodeoxia syndrome (POS), a condition in which dyspnea is relieved by lying down and worsened by sitting or standing.
“Even a drop in oxygen saturation in the sitting position compared to the supine position can predict the need for oxygen therapy,” the study said.
Doctors, led by department head Dr. Amita Athawale, said POS could be a “rare bedside signal.” “Normally it should be the same in the sitting and lying position. But in Covid, the different readings in a sitting or standing position suggest getting checked early for hypoxia. ”

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