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Maharashtra government takes calculated risk: Uddhav Thackeray on easing curbs | India News


MUMBAI: Maharashtra Prime Minister Uddhav Thackeray said on Sunday that the government was taking a “calculated risk” by relaxing coronavirus-induced restrictions in the state, adding that people should take care of themselves.
He made the statement during a virtual meeting with leading industrialists.
The state government has announced a five-tier plan to relax coronavirus-induced restrictions in the state starting Monday, based on the weekly positivity rate and oxygen bed occupancy. A notification to that effect was issued on Friday night.
“The state government is taking a calculated risk and therefore people have to take care of themselves. Nothing will be relieved immediately. Some criteria and levels have been set and the local administration will make decisions on whether to ease restrictions and tighten them even more. “said the prime minister.
Based on the ‘unlock’ notification, areas with a positivity rate of five percent or less and an oxygen bed occupancy of less than 25 percent will be in the first category and can be fully opened.
Whereas in the fifth category areas, with a positivity rate of more than 20 percent, only essential stores will remain open and office attendance will be limited to 15 percent.
During the meeting, Thackeray also said that the state must set an example to the country by showing that the industrial sector can operate uninterruptedly by following all Covid-19 regulations during restrictions.
“We must not let ourselves be dejected by the virus,” he said.
“A lockdown is not required nor do we want to be brought down by the virus. Therefore, all health-related rules must be followed,” Thackeray added.
He said that if there is a need for another lockdown after the potential third wave, there should be no manufacturing impact.
“Industries must establish temporary accommodation at their facilities for their staff and employees. The planning process must begin now,” he said.
Among those who participated in the meeting were Uday Kotak, Sanjiv Bajaj, B Thiyagrajan, Naushad Forbes, Amit Kalyan, Ashok Hinduja, AN Subramanyam, Ajay Piramal, Harsh Goenka, Niranjan Hiranandani, along with members of the Covid-19 working group of the state government. Sanjay Oak and Shashank Joshi.
A statement from the Prime Minister’s Office (CMO) said that the industrialists present at the meeting welcomed the criteria for the positivity rate and occupancy of oxygen beds to ease restrictions and levels set.
They said that awareness should be raised about this among the people and also offered help to control the spread of the coronavirus in rural areas.
They suggested that members of the unorganized sector should be vaccinated and that IT professionals should be able to continue working from home.
His other suggestions include vaccinating not only industrial sector employees, but also their families.

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