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J&K Police Complete Vaccination of 100% of Its Personnel | India News


J&K Police Complete Vaccination of 100% of Its Personnel | India News

SRINAGAR: The Jammu and Kashmir Police (JKP) have completed the vaccination of 100% of their nearly one lakh staff.
The JKP as a law enforcement organization has been supporting efforts to control the deadly disease and promote safer communities across the Union Territory through diversified activities, which could be summed up as the ‘J&K’ model, a spokesperson said. from the police.
According to the police spokesman, the JKP is responsible for implementing strict government measures to protect citizens and prevent the spread of pollution while ensuring the well-being of all people.
“During the second wave of the pandemic, the J&K Police activated their entire manpower for the Covid response in a spirit of public service,” he said.
The police department was instrumental in inspecting villages for people with adverse travel histories, monitoring people with Covid-19 symptoms, and advising concerned families on forms and means of isolation and medical advice. added the spokesperson.
“In addition to ensuring strict compliance with the Corona curfew and restriction guidelines and SOPs by the public, the JKP was attentive to the economically weaker families and organized assistance for them, both on a social level on a voluntary basis. as maintaining liaison with interested government departments, “he said.
“The Covid response planned by the J&K police has been robust. The department ensured the use of its integrated facilities to vaccinate not only its own staff but also the general public, avoiding an additional burden on the health department of the UT to save manpower for Police Department. ”
The Police Hospital Covid Care Center in PCR Srinagar has been operating as a public vaccination center against Covid since the start of the vaccination campaign at UT, he added.
Village-level quarantine facilities were established to contain the spread of the deadly virus. This was done to extend medical facilities to all patients and village-level facilities were used to treat those with mild effects of the infection with online consultations with doctors, the spokesperson said.
There was also regular telephone contact with village chiefs to verify the measures in place to keep their villages or mohallas free from infection and to provide guidance and assistance, he added.
“The vaccination campaign for J&K police personnel, security forces (SF) and other frontline workers began on February 4, 2021,” he said.
“As to date, J&K Police have completed 100% of the first vaccination dose of their entire workforce and more than 75% have been administered with the second dose,” he added.
The Police department also carried out the plasma donation at all district levels after the recovery of personnel who had contracted Covid-19. The campaigns were carried out in close collaboration with the health authorities of all formations, the spokesman said.
“To ensure that everyone on their lists takes the second hit in time, action is being taken in accordance with the latest instructions from the government.
The police department took a leading role in spreading misinformation about Covid-19 vaccines and a wide campaign was carried out on it on all media platforms, “he added.
The department also set an example when nearly all of the senior department officials went to get vaccinated on the first day. This not only allayed fears regarding the vaccine, but also helped the general public come forward for vaccination, the spokesperson added.
Police personnel were also tasked with regularly monitoring the areas for any need to cope with the closure and provide assistance if necessary. They also stayed in contact with the central paramilitary forces, the army and other government agencies to get help in all areas should they need it, briefed them on the plan and to explore how their help can be used, the spokesperson said.
“All UT SDPOs were instructed to report on the work done on a number of innovative initiatives undertaken by JKP on a daily basis,” he said.


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