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Good immune response from Covishield & Covaxin: Study | India News


MUMBAI / HYDERABAD: A ‘real world’ study of vaccinated healthcare workers found that Covishield and Covaxin could elicit a high immune response in up to 95% of recipients and prevent serious illness in those infected after immunization. Interestingly, Oxford’s Covishield vaccine could generate antibodies in more individuals compared to Bharat Biotech’s Covaxin, a preprint of the first Indian study of its kind has stated. Most of the vaccine efficacy studies so far have been done in the laboratory.
The pan-India study of 515 vaccinated healthcare workers (425 with Covishield and 90 with Covaxin) from 13 states and 22 cities found that vaccines could elicit an immune response in 95% of recipients 21-36 days after vaccination. second dose.
Seropositivity was seen in 98% of those immunized with Covishield compared to 80% of Covaxin recipients, a finding the researchers called “surprising.”
The anti-peak antibody titer was even found to be significantly higher in Covishield recipients (115 AU / ml) compared to Covaxin (51 AU / ml).
While factors such as gender, BMI, and other comorbidities did not appear to play a major role, the seropositivity rate or antibodies in people older than 60 or with type 2 diabetes were found to be significantly lower.
The seropositivity rate was significantly higher in participants younger than 60 years (96.3% seropositive) versus 87.2% in the group over 60 years. Infection was observed after vaccination in 5% of the study group, but none suffered from severe Covid-19.
Lead author and endocrinologist Dr. Awadhesh Kumar Singh from GD Hospital & Diabetes Institute, Kolkata, said the study was not to comment on which is a better vaccine, but to look at the effectiveness of vaccination in the real world.
“In the absence of measuring cell-mediated response and neutralizing antibodies, it is difficult to comment on whether one is superior,” he said. The results of the cross-sectional study of the coronavirus vaccine-induced antibody titer (COVAT) were published on the MedRxiv preprint server on June 4.
“In people who have had the Covid infection, both vaccines are equally good and can produce high levels of antibodies even after a single injection. But for those who don’t have Covid, Covishield could provide an advantage, ”he said.

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