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“Clean-up” campaign to guarantee blows to lost health workers | India News


NEW DELHI: Concerned about some states still lagging behind in ensuring vaccine coverage for healthcare workers despite being given top priority when India’s vaccination drive began on January 16, the Center is working with states to close the crucial gap in the fight against Covid-19.
A review of the vaccination campaign in the wake of the new policy allowing states and private hospitals to purchase vaccines showed that targets for healthcare workers had not been met, even as the Center continues to provide vaccines for this. category and the over 45 age group.
Coverage is uneven with Rajasthan still to inoculate 13% of its healthcare workers, but that is much better than Punjab, which has covered only 65%. Chhattisgarh has inoculated 88% of its healthcare workers, which is better than the national average of 81%. Telangana, like Punjab, has covered only 64% of workers in this category.
Delhi with 73%, Maharashtra (77%) and Andhra Pradesh (83%) also have some way to go and the Center plans to ask these states to organize a special campaign to “clean up” the remaining health workers. Some states have covered close to 100% of healthcare workers.
With Prime Minister Narendra Modi expressing concern about vaccine waste, the Center is trying to make sure it doesn’t cross the 1%. In some states, waste has been reported in the range of 2.5-6.15%. The ability of states to use vaccines has been under scrutiny, and some have not used even 50% of vaccines.

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