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Twitter Resets Blue Checkmark of Vice President Venkaiah Naidu, Head of RSS Bhagwat | India News

NEW DELHI: Twitter reinstated RSS chief Mohan Bhagwat’s “blue mark” verification on Saturday just hours after removing it.
Previously, the microblogging platform had removed Vice President Venkaiah Naidu’s blue badge only to restore it later. He has also restored the verification badge of other RSS officials, including senior Sangh leader Krishna Gopal.
The decision to remove the blue mark or badge, which indicates that the account is authentic, from the hands of two prominent leaders sparked a backlash, with government sources lashing out at the social media platform.
It also comes in the context of a showdown between the Center and Twitter over new digital rules that went into effect last month.

Twitter Resets Blue Checkmark of Vice President Venkaiah Naidu, Head of RSS Bhagwat | India News

Citing its verification policy, Twitter said Vice President Naidu’s blue mark was removed as the account had been inactive since July 2020.
He explained that inactivity is based on logging in, adding that to keep the account active, the account holder must make sure to log in at least every six months.
According to Sangh sources, Twitter has in recent days removed the blue badge from the accounts of many RSS leaders whose accounts were verified by the social media platform in 2019.
Meanwhile, on Saturday the government issued a notice to Twitter giving it one last chance to “immediately” comply with the new TI rules.
He warned that non-compliance with the rules will lead to the platform losing the disclaimer under the IT Act.
New IT rules for social media companies that went into effect last month require big platforms like Facebook and Twitter to do more due diligence and make these digital platforms more accountable for the content hosted on them.

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