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TOI finds ‘The Seeker’ who made the world reconsider the origins of Covid | India News


NEW DELHI: Among the three Indians (the Pune-based scientist couple Monali Rahalkar and Rahul Bahulikar are the other two) who caused the world to reconsider the origins of the coronavirus is an enigmatic person in his 20s living somewhere in the East India. He is also an architect, filmmaker, and former science teacher, and enjoys anonymity.
The Seeker as he is known to the world answered TOI’s questions via encrypted email and said he prefers to remain unknown because he is not “seeking fame or glory” and because he does not want to “sacrifice” his “security and privacy”. . ”
“My insatiable curiosity led me to this,” says The Seeker when asked why it began investigating the origins of the deadly coronavirus. “More than a year has passed and I have devoted much of my waking hours to him,” he adds.
As part of DRASTIC, a team of strangers from different backgrounds who came together on the internet to investigate the origins of the killer virus, the Seeker dived into hidden corners and pulled out troubling evidence that helped raise questions about the Wuhan Institute of Virology link. with the pandemic. .

TOI finds 'The Seeker' who made the world reconsider the origins of Covid | India News

“He’s a very friendly and cheerful person,” Monali says of The Seeker. Although the members of DRASTIC interact through direct messages on Twitter, she says that The Seeker presents himself as a very intelligent person. “He has some knowledge of the Chinese language and open source intelligence. In reality, it is an information seeker, ”he adds.
Last year he learned of a master’s thesis from China that spoke of how in 2012 six miners who entered a bat-infested mine in Mojiang fell ill with a mysterious respiratory disease very similar to Covid and three of them later died. Revelations made by The Seeker’s data mining skills have garnered him worldwide attention. In part it is because of DRASTIC that the widely accepted natural origin of SARS-CoV2 is now being questioned and even the President of the United States, Joe Biden, has sought foolproof investigation.
“I have seen an overwhelming amount of facts and data pointing towards a lab leak scenario,” says The Seeker. “Well, we take a theory from the realm of” no, it’s a conspiracy, “to” hey, we need to investigate more, “he adds.
But why doesn’t he want to reveal himself despite his celebrity status? “I have already said there [to Newsweek, CNET and Unherd] as far as possible without revealing my true identity ”, he adds.
The Seeker tells TOI that the DRASTIC team “took shape like a giant puzzle, piece by piece.” Whatever has been accomplished, he says, is down to teamwork, “and the whole team did incredible research.”
It was The Seeker who saw Rahalkar and Bahulikar’s investigation and brought them into the fold of DRASTIC. The duo had established that RaTG13, a coronavirus very similar to SARS-CoV2, was collected from the mine in Mojiang. They also found that the Wuhan Institute of Virology was experimenting with RaTG13.
“For data mining, my OSINT skills (like advanced Google tricks, Boolean search operators, etc.) were helpful,” The Seeker tells TOI. He says he is very hopeful that we can uncover the origins of the deadly coronavirus, as “requests for in-depth investigations have multiplied.”
And what mission will The Seeker be on next? “It’s a question I keep asking myself, but honestly, I have no idea. I just keep going from one day to the next. ”
On the worldwide response, The Seeker said: “I am shocked at myself … I did not expect this to explode all of a sudden.”

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