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Three workers are drowned in the manhole; retained contractor | India News


BENGALURU: Three salaried workers who entered a sewer in Ramanagara, about 50 kilometers from Bangalore, were suffocated to death on Friday.
The tragedy occurred when workers entered the 20-foot-deep culvert in the New Malleshwara block, Ijur. The city council had taken on the project of laying the line under a special government scheme.
Manjunath, 29, Rajesh, 40, and Manjunath, 32 – all residents of Kamalanagar in Basaveshwaranagar, Bengaluru – were brought to the site by contractor Harish Kumar around 8 a.m. “No safety equipment was provided to the workers. Harish was so negligent that he assigned the responsibilities to his assistant and left. Usually a lamp is placed at the bottom of the manhole to determine the oxygen level. Even that procedure was not followed here, ”said the police. “Before firefighters and emergency officials could get to the scene, they were killed,” police said. Based on the complaint filed by relatives of the deceased, the Ramanagara police arrested the contractor Harish Kumar and his partner Manoj.

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