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The deadline for the mixture of ethanol and gasoline is advanced until 2025 | India News

NEW DELHI: Prime Minister Modi on Saturday raised his stake on ethanol in India’s fight against climate change by pushing forward the date for a 20% gasoline blend in five years to 2025 and launching a pilot project in three Pune fuel pumps for vehicles to run fully on ‘swadeshi fuel.
“The country is moving rapidly towards clean energy and we will see a great benefit from this (rapid ethanol blending), especially in the agricultural sector,” he said at a function to mark World Environment Day.
The prime minister released a roadmap jointly prepared by the oil ministry and the government think tank Niti Ayog to develop an ethanol economy in the country. The roadmap estimates that blending 20% ​​gasoline with ethanol will result in an annual saving of $ 5 billion, or Rs 30,000 crore, on India’s oil import bill. India’s net oil import bill stood at $ 551 billion in 2020-21.
Ethanol is ethyl alcohol, also known as “drinking alcohol,” made from molasses, grains, and agricultural waste. The pandemic has made ethanol part of our daily lives as one of the alcohol options for hand sanitizers. It is less polluting and offers equivalent efficiency at a lower cost than gasoline by raising the octane level. In 2014, the country had a 1.5% ethanol blend, which has now risen to 8.5%.

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