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Priyanka Gandhi criticizes the government for declaring a false victory over Covid | India News


NEW DELHI: Congress Secretary General Priyanka Gandhi Vadra once again criticized the government for declaring an early victory over Covid, asking: Are the new prime minister residence and new parliament building more important than healthcare facilities? ?
Priyanka Gandhi, who questioned the government under her “Who is responsible” campaign, said that during the second wave of Covid in India, people faced an acute shortage of ICU beds, hospital beds and oxygen.
Priyanka Gandhi, who is the Congress in charge of Uttar Pradesh, told Prime Minister Narendra Modi, “The Prime Minister was involved in false publicity of the victory over Covid when the people of the country were facing an acute shortage of oxygen, ICU, ventilation and hospital beds … But the government didn’t focus on that. ”
Attacking the government, Priyanka Gandhi said that the prime minister in September last year had said that India has 2,27,972 oxygen beds. But it was down 36 percent to 1.57,344, he said.
The congressional leader said that during the same period ICU beds saw a 46 percent decrease from 66,638 to 36,008 and ventilation beds decreased to 23,618 from 33,024, representing a 28 percent decrease.
Citing the example of the national capital, he said that in July last year, the Union Interior Minister Amit Shah had inaugurated the 10,000-bed temporary ITBP medical center. The ITBP center closed on February 7 of this year.
He said that during the second wave of Covid, this medical center was restricted but with only 2,000 beds.
Criticizing the government, Priyanka Gandhi said Parliament’s Standing Committee on Health had warned about the Second Wave and also recommended focusing on hospital beds and oxygen availability. “But the government’s focus was elsewhere,” he said.
Priyanka Gandhi, who highlighted people’s difficulties during the second wave of the Covid pandemic, which hit India hard, said thousands of people were complaining about the shortage of beds to the government and, at the time, apps like Aarogya Setu and other databases proved its effectiveness. Useless.
Taking a target shot at the government, he said that at the time the government declared victory over Covid, it was unable to provide adequate data on the availability of hospital beds in the Aaroya Setu app. People had to run from one pillar to another in search of hospital beds.
He also questioned the government’s seriousness regarding the health sector, saying: “After coming to power in 2014, the BJP government cut the health budget by 20% and also announced the construction of 15 new All India Institute of Medical Sciences (AIIMS) “.
She said that none of the 15 new AIIMS are working to date. In 2018, a committee of Parliament highlighted the lack of teachers and health workers to the government, but paid no attention to it.
Firing salvos, Priyanka Gandhi said: “Despite having a year to prepare for Covid, why did the government announce a false victory over the pandemic and reduce the number of hospital beds instead of increasing it?”
He also asked why the Modi government ignored warnings from experts and Parliament committees to improve facilities in all districts of the country.

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