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Modi government’s delayed approach in licensing pharmaceutical companies killed 3 lakh people: TNCC chief | India News


CHENNAI: Tamil Nadu Congressional Committee (TNCC) Chairman KS Alagiri said on Saturday that the central government’s delayed approach to licensing pharmaceutical industries resulted in the death of three lakhs of people during the pandemic.
The Modi government failed to handle the Covid-19 pandemic, Alagiri said in a statement.
He lashed out at the BJP celebration to mark the end of Modi’s seven-year rule. “It’s seven years of suffering instead of achievement,” he said.
From the economy to relations with foreign countries, and from health care to education, the current government had failed miserably.
He said that when the Modi government talks about its achievements, it should also talk about the shortages of beds, oxygen and life-saving medicines that led to the deaths of many people. However, the BJP was building a narrative that the country was on the road to development while its economy had bottomed out.
He said the government adopted a divisive policy in the name of religion for its political gain. He toppled nine people-elected governments in 2019 and destroyed the spirit of federalism, as well as introducing controversial farm laws and the Citizenship (Amendment) Act, he said.

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