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Disburse Provisional Family Pensions and Quotas Quickly to Employees Killed During Pandemic: Government Calls on Departments | India News


NEW DELHI: The Personnel Department has asked all central government ministries and departments to quickly disburse the provisional family pension and provisional death bonus to the candidate or family members of government employees who died in service. The instruction to disburse payments pending full documentation came in light of Covid-19 that claimed various government servants.
The circular issued this week read: “It can be guaranteed that the pension payment order (PPO) for the family pension is issued and that the bank begins the disbursement of the regular family pension no later than one month after receipt of the application for family pension. ”
Each ministry and department has been requested to submit monthly reports to the secretary of the administrative department. He has also shared the details of the family’s rights after the death of a government official for quick reference.
The personnel department has said that quite a few government employees have lost their lives in the recent increase in the Covid-19 pandemic and, in many cases, deceased employees were the “sole breadwinners.” His untimely death has left families devastated and in dire need of funds amid a pandemic and the government needs to release pensions and other rights quickly.
The circular says that the completion of the process of sanctioning the family pension and its disbursement through the bank may take some time, since it involves reference to the payments and accounts office (PAO) and CPAO.
The personnel department in July 2020 had issued instructions for the sanction of the provisional family pension by the head of the office immediately after receiving a request for family pension together with the death certificate of the eligible member, without waiting for it to be referred the case of family pension to the PAO. The rule also provides for the payment of the provisional death tip by the head of the office once the case of family pension and death tip has been referred to the PAO.

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