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Active Covid Cases Fall Below 15 Lakh, Now At 40% Of Peak | India News


Active coronavirus cases in the country fell below the 15 lakh mark on Saturday after 52 days, with recoveries outnumbering new cases for more than three weeks in a row. At 14.8 lakh, active cases are now down to 40% of the number at the peak of the second wave. At its peak on May 8, there were more than 37.8 lakh of active Covid patients in the country.
Meanwhile, daily recorded cases in India continued to decline, with 1,14,818 new infections reported on Saturday. This was the lowest daily count in two months since April 5, when 96,587 new cases were detected. The positivity rate, the percentage of positive cases out of total tests, fell to 3% nationally, indicating that the second wave continued to decline, nearly four weeks after peaking.
2,241 deaths from the virus were reported in the past 24 hours, not counting the 441 previous deaths added by Maharashtra to its total number. The daily was also the lowest since April 22.
As on Friday, Tamil Nadu recorded the highest number of new cases and deaths in the country with 21,410 cases and 443 deaths.
Maharashtra recorded 13,659 new cases, the lowest daily count in 87 days, even as infections registered a slight increase in Kerala to 17,328. At 414, Delhi’s case count on Saturday was the lowest since March 15. Gujarat registered 996 new cases, the first time since March 16 that the daily count in the state had dropped below 1,000.

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