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3 ONGC Executives Suspended Due to Barge Tragedy | India News


MUMBAI: Three ONGC CEOs have been suspended as part of the high-level committee’s investigation into last month’s barge tragedy that claimed the lives of 86 staff, even as an association of ONGC officers demanded that the decision will be reversed.
In its letter dated June 2, the Association of Scientific and Technical Officials stated that if the decision is not reversed by June 15, it would be “bound to take further action.” The panel was created by the Ministry of Oil and Natural Gas to investigate the tragedy, the largest yet in Bombay High, due to Cyclone Tauktae. Eighty-six people died in the accident, including 75 from the barge P-305 and 11 from the tugboat Varaprada.
The committee made the decision based on technical evidence that senior ONGC officials were allegedly responsible for the incident which also involved the SS-03 and Gal Constructor barges and the Sagar Bhushan drilling rig.

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