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Rules on the care of children affected by Covid | India News


NEW DELHI: The Center has published guidelines for the care and protection of kids affected by Covid-19 and listed the responsibilities of all concerned authorities from the state, the district to the panchayat level.
States have been asked to identify children at risk through outreach activities and surveys. The authorities are also tasked with creating a database with the profile of each child together with the details of their specific needs and requirements in the letter addressed to the chief secretaries by the secretary of the Ministry of Development of Women and Children , Ram Mohan Mishra.
States have been told that authorities must keep children’s data safe and that their identities must be kept confidential, as prescribed in the JJ Act of 2015. States have been asked to ensure that have each child’s data uploaded to the Government of India Children’s Track Portal.
The role and responsibilities of key function holders to enable better coordination in the field have been set out in the Center’s charter.
For emergency care, states have been asked to direct hospitals to collect the contact details of the patient’s trusted person on the hospital admission form itself so that they can be contacted for childcare. in case of any eventuality.

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