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PM Modi joins the interaction with the students of Class 12 | India News


NEW DELHI: After the cancellation of the XII class meetings, Prime Minister Narendra Modi joined the students and their parents in an unscheduled interaction and asked if they will now watch sports and wait for the Olympics, even as he recommended them to students who will use their time productively and creatively. .
Joining the online interaction, the prime minister asked the students about their reaction to the cancellation of the Board exams due to the pandemic and how they intend to use their time during this period. The interaction was organized by the Ministry of Education. For 30 minutes, Modi told the students that they should always remember the “health is wealth” mantra and asked what they do to stay in good physical shape.
The students also shared their experiences and expressed relief after Tuesday’s announcement about the cancellation of the exams, which ended a long period of uncertainty.
Hiteshwar Sharma from Panchkula said: “The pressure on us was increasing every day. I was preparing to be among the first, but I feel that what is studied is never wasted ”.
When the Prime Minister asked the students if the cancellation created a vacuum for them, since until the morning of June 1 they would have been busy studying and making schedules, a student from Guwahati said: “Sir, you said before that the exams They should be held as a party. So, there was no fear. Although the circumstances abroad were not good, he had faith that a wise decision would be made. ”

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