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Enforcing a ban on the sale and use of non-ISI helmets to control road deaths: experts urge government agencies | India News


NEW DELHI: Now that non-ISI two-wheeled helmets have become illegal as of June 1, enforcement agencies, including police and the Bureau of Indian Standards (BIS), must step up their enforcement, they said experts in road safety and trauma care. Not wearing poor quality helmets or not wearing them is the leading cause of death for nearly 78% of two-wheelers in India.
According to the notification of the Ministry of Road Transport, the manufacture and sale of helmets without an ISI brand are illegal and according to the BIS Law, the manufacture, storage, sale or importation of helmets that are not ISI carries a penalty with imprisonment. up to a year or a fine. from Rs 1 lakh to 5 lakh. In 2019, of the total 56,000 drivers of two-wheelers who died in traffic accidents, 43,600 were due to not wearing helmets.
“If you don’t wear a standard helmet, it’s more damaging in the event of an accident. These helmets transmit energy to the skull, do not absorb it, and therefore injure the skull and underlying brain. Standard helmets absorb energy and do not allow such injuries, ”said Dr. Amit Gupta, professor of trauma and critical care surgery at AIIMS.
He added that wearing a non-standard helmet can be detrimental, as in the event of a crash, the broken parts can cause further brain injury. Failure to wear a standard helmet carries a penalty under the Motor Vehicle Act.
Former DGP and President of the Telangana Road Safety Authority, T Krishna Prasad He said that the BIS should also put the list of products that have the certification in the public domain so that people are informed when buying these products and that the government should ensure their adequate availability.
“The traffic police can call those who wear non-standard helmets or any other plastic cap just to avoid a penalty. Since it is a crime, they should crack down on the sale of these types of helmets on the market. The bigger goal is saving lives, ”said Rajeev Kapur, president of the Two-Wheel Helmet Manufacturers Association.
Prasad said there should be zero tolerance against not wearing helmets and that those violators should be challenged. “The government must ensure that there is no black marketing of ISI-branded helmets on the market. Users can be given a month to comply with the mandatory use of helmets marked with ISI considering that in several states the helmet stores are not open due to the closed closure, ”he added.

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