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Woman Mehul Choksi Met in ’20 Set him Up, Wife Says | India News


NEW DELHI: The wife of embattled diamond merchant Mehul Choksi has pointed to the role of a mysterious woman behind the disaster her fugitive husband has landed in, caught between authorities in Dominica, Antigua and India.
When a Caribbean court ordered Choksi to face charges of illegally entering Dominica from Antigua, Priti made a sensational claim Thursday. She said YOU: “This woman, Barbara, set him up to bring him back to India. He came into our lives in August 2020 after renting an accommodation in front of our house in Antigua. She took Mehul away from Antigua. ”
Priti claimed that the ship that took Choksi to Dominica is run by Cobra Tours. He said that his crew included two “Punjabi men,” he added.
She said: “On Sunday May 23rd, Mehul left home in a car to have dinner with Barbara. I don’t know what his real name is. Barabara Joseph, Barabara Jesseick or Barbara C? He stayed in the apartment next to ours intermittently. He met us last year between August 2 and 7. ”
Priti said: “Barbara had asked Mehul to pick her up at her residence … Minutes later, eight to ten men entered. They took him away.”
“Mehul told me that there were two men of Indian origin on the boat. Their names were Gurjit and Gurmit. One of them said he works in Punjabi videos … another man named Vivek brought food. “When asked if she or Choksi had plans to return to India, cooperate with Indian agencies like CBI or ED, Priti declined to answer.

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