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Withdraw Lakshadweep’s Draft Development Regulations, Former Administrator Urges Center | India News


CHENNAI: Ancient Lakshadweep Administrator Omesh Saigal has urged Union Interior Minister Amit Shah to withdraw the draft development regulations from Lakshadweep, 2021.
In a letter to Shah, Saigal, who served as Lakshadweep’s administrator for three years, said that the Union government should not make any regulations or rules without consulting the local population.
Saigal said that some of the provisions of the bill are “ridiculous and show that it is not tailor-made for the island’s territory, but that it was picked up in a city like Delhi.”
“(The draft) speaks of ‘orderly and progressive development of urban and rural areas (the largest island has a population of 12000)’, additional powers to acquire land (almost all 10 islands are actually abadi areas where land cannot be acquired), ‘city and countryside development’ (these words can only be used by a person who has never been to the islands), etc. There are many howlers like ‘soil cultivation’ (it is 99% sand) … “Saigal said.
He said the new administrator within five months in office has “taken a series of drastic but negative steps” that have disrupted normalcy on the island.
“He (the new administrator) closed Anganwadis, laid off dozens of employees, who worked for many years, banned meat from schools, demolished dozens of fishermen’s sheds, which were built according to the integrated scientific plan prepared by a committee appointed by the Supreme Court, brought an act of goondas in a territory that has had no crime for at least a century, closed dairy farms, amended the Panchayati rules according to their whims and modified the PWD contracts. 2021 regulations, “he said.
Saigal has made two films on Lakshadweep for the Indian Film Division and a series, ‘Sagarika’ for Doordarshan on the island. He has written a book entitled ‘Lakshadweep’ for the National Book Trust.

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