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Nizam kin sells art collection to help Covid-hit | India News

HYDERABAD: Young Zehra Mirza, Nizam VII’s great-great-great-granddaughter, Mir Osman Ali Khan, sold her art collection in her gallery to help poor and Covid-19 patients.
Zehra, who is an artist, is the daughter of Himayat Ali Mirza, grandson of Moazzam Jah, the second son of the last ruler of the princely state of Hyderabad. Proceeds from the sale of his paintings have been distributed to various hospitals and charities that work for the poor and Covid-19 patients. So far, around 4 lakh rupees have been donated. She is the great-granddaughter of Princess Niloufer, whose charity led to the formation of Telangana’s largest government hospital for children and pregnant women – the Niloufer Hospital in Hyderabad.
Zehra is also a businesswoman and fashion designer. He has been working for the well-being of cancer patients and, since the pandemic began, he is focusing on Covid-19 patients and people affected by the lockdown. He said he will now channel his charities through the proposed Prince Moazzam Jah charity.
“I am deeply rooted in charity. But the pandemic has raised awareness that help is always needed, now more than ever. There are people who do not have the same type of resources that suffer from Covid-19. It is my duty to help them in any way I can, be it by distributing food or donating funds, ”Zehra told TOI.
Zehra is the founder of the Zehra Mirza gallery. He has put all his artwork up for sale and has done charity work with the proceeds from the sale. While Nizam’s descendant is busy working for the well-being of Covid patients, a look back at history reveals how his great-great-grandfather, Moazzam Jah, as director of the City Improvement Board, HMDA’s predecessor, shaped to modern Hyderabad after the 1911 plague and 1918 flu.

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