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NEET 2021 Latest News: Government Will Review Next Week for NEET-UG and JEE Main Dates | India News


NEW DELHI: The government will review the situation next week before the new dates for the two remaining JEE (main) tests are likely to end, as well as make a decision on whether NEET-UG could be conducted on August 1, reports Manash Gohain. .
The Ministry of Education will also decide on the fate of the Central University Common Entrance Test (CUCET) after CBSE announces the evaluation scheme for the XII class boards. Due to the increase in Covid-19 cases in April, the April and May editions of JEE (Main) were postponed and the registration of NEET-UG, which was supposed to start from May 1, was kept on hold. According to a senior official in the Ministry of Education, “A review meeting next week will assess the situation. Given the current situation, the NEET-UG is likely to be postponed. ” Following the cancellation of the Class XII exams, experts raise concerns about the expected disparities in school-wide assessment across the country, as well as the challenges universities are likely to face in normalizing differences in the results prepared by the schools. school boards.
According to pedagogue Meeta Sengupta, “Universities should not be totally dependent on school grades. You can include a test, live or interview, asking for more information about the student’s achievements in the application and special points awarded for rewards, skills and overcoming difficulties. For this year, colleges can also award online admissions only, which will become full admissions after a test when conditions improve and regular classes start or are subject to students finishing their first semester. ”
Before the second wave of Covid-19, UGC submitted its report on CUCET to the MoE. However, according to a UGC source, “Whether or not CUCET will be implemented as of the 2021-22 academic session, as previously intended, will depend on the type of evaluation scheme that CBSE announces to the Class XII Board.”
Colleges are fine with a delayed academic calendar if it means taking entrance tests when the situation normalizes rather than admitting based on Class XII results.
M Jagadesh Kumar, Vice Chancellor of JNU said: “The decision about the Class XII exams is rational, as the safety of the students is of the utmost importance. In most institutes of higher education, admission to undergraduate programs is through an entrance examination. We will take the entrance exam as long as it is safe and the admission occurs at a later date than usual, we will surely adjust our academic calendar to take care of the lost time without compromising academic rigor. In HEIs where undergraduate admission is based on standard 12 grades, universities can design appropriate admission procedures that are fair and transparent. ”
Bidyut Chakrabarty, Vice Chancellor of Visva Bharati, agrees, who said: “The current situation is not conducive to entrance tests at the center. My suggestion is to delay admissions until we can take the entrance test or allow agencies like NTA to take proctored tests online so applicants can take the exams from home. ”
Private colleges like Amity, Noida, which used to offer direct admissions to top scores on class XII boards, are also changing their criteria. According to Atul Chauhan, Chancellor of Amity University, “Canceling the Class XII exams will not make a big difference in our admissions process. We attach importance to X-Class performance as well as other achievements and personal interviews before making any offers. We used to offer direct admissions to applicants who scored 80% or higher on their Class XII exams. However, purely results-based admissions are not happening this time around and we will decide on the new parameters once the results are announced. ”
Former CBSE President Ashok Ganguly called for a complete renewal of undergraduate admissions, saying: “The time has come for undergraduate admissions to be completely renewed. It should no longer be based on an elimination system rather than an admissions system. Let some quality points (say 50%) be assigned for Class X and Class XII performances and the rest we must develop certain criteria so that only genuine students who have an aptitude and attitude enter the system. ”
Noting that this is the second year that we are faced with the question of whether or not to take Board examinations, R Karapaga Kumaravel, Vice Chancellor of Tamil Nadu Central University, Tiruvarur said that there is a need for a permanent solution regardless of the pandemic.
Battling for a groundbreaking formative and periodic assessment, he said: “We are facing problems as we have been following an end-of-year final exam for students in class 12. If we could have periodic exams for students in a systematic way, it is We may not face such a problem. ”

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