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Government Revises Wheat Purchase Target As Most Producing States Create Purchase Record | India News


NEW DELHI: The government has revised the current wheat procurement target to 433 lakh tonnes, an increase of six lakh tonnes, as nearly all states report the highest procurement ever. Last year, the total wheat purchase during the Rabi marketing season (RMS) was 390 lakh tonnes. As of Wednesday, the acquisition stood at 411 lakh tonnes.
According to the Food Ministry, Bihar has acquired 1.9 lakh tonnes of wheat so far compared to last year’s figure of 4,198 tonnes and has revised the estimate to acquire six lakh tonnes, a six-fold increase from the above estimate. The procurement in Uttar Pradesh is 41.9 lakht compared to 24.8 lakht last year. Even in Jammu and Kashmir, the procurement so far has reached 17,929 tonnes compared to just 11 tonnes last year. In Delhi, the purchase has increased to 5,955 tonnes from just 28 tonnes. Punjab and Haryana, the two largest wheat producing states, have exceeded this year’s target.
Acquisitions in Madhya Pradesh will also exceed last year’s acquisitions figure in the coming days, the sources said.
The union’s food secretary, Sudhanshu Pandey, told reporters that the government has made the necessary arrangements for the safe storage of food grains. He said that except for just 3.5% of its total grain purchased, the rest is kept in scientific storage. The rest, now only found in Punjab and Haryana, will be transferred to scientific storage sites in July.
Pandey said that around 44.43 lakh farmers have benefited from ongoing RMS acquisition operations with an MSP value of Rs 81,196 crore, of which an amount of Rs 76,056 crore has been transferred to farmers across the country. . Approximately Rs 26,104 million in Punjab and approximately Rs 16,706 million in Haryana have been transferred directly to farmers’ accounts.

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