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Dominican Judge Says Mehul Choksi Should Respond to Charge of Illegal Entry | India News

ROSEAU: Dominican Judge Bernie Stephenson said fugitive Indian businessman Mehul Choksi must answer the charge of illegal entry into Dominica in a magistrate court.
A High Court ruled a few moments ago that Choksi be brought before a local magistrate, Antigua News Room reported.
Choksi was charged with trespassing by Judge Bernie Stephenson in Dominica, he was never brought to court.
The matter was brought to court on Monday and after deliberations of just over 3 hours, the judge ruled that the habeas corpus request be deferred until 9 a.m. Thursday, Antigua News Room reported.

Choski is currently in the China Friendship Hospital. He arrived on the court in a wheelchair.
Earlier, the Associates Times reported citing sources that Choksi’s brother, who is also a bank defaulter, allegedly promised election funds to Dominica’s opposition leader Lennox Linton in exchange for pushing the Mehul kidnapping theory.
The sources said that Chetan Chinu Bhai Choksi had met with Linton on May 30, where they discussed various aspects related to the arrest of Mehul Choksi and agreed that in exchange for token money and a promise of electoral donation, the leader of the opposition will press the issue in Parliament. .
They also confirmed to the Associates Times that Chetan revealed during the conversation that Mehul had come to Dominica on his own, but they require the help of the opposition to address the matter in court and against the government of Dominica to make them believe that he was kidnapped by Antiguan. and Indian police.

Sources said Chetan gave Linton token money of $ 200,000 and promised him more than $ 1 million in financial aid in the upcoming general election, in return, Linton would issue statements in favor of Mehul.
However, in an exclusive interview with ANI, Linton denied the allegations, claiming that he never knew or knew Chetan Choksi.
“I do not know Chetan Choksi, I have never seen Chetan Choksi. I have never even spoken with Chetan Choksi, I think there is a story online from a post called Something times, I have never seen this website. I think this post must be associated with the sale of passports to friends of some of these governments in the region, ”he told ANI.
He also said that the report was a ‘total lie’ and that there was absolutely nothing true, adding that he had no private residence in Marigot as it was washed away by a hurricane and was not even present in Marigot on May 30. , as suggested by the Associates Times.
Linton called the report “absolute rubbish” and said the political opposition in Dominica had no contacts with Mehul Choksi, his agents or his associates.
Meanwhile, the lawyer for the fugitive diamantaire, Vijay Aggarwal, said on Wednesday that Choksi was kidnapped, did not go to Dominica of his own free will, adding that the only question in front of the Dominican court is where he entered Dominica illegally or not and if the local police have the right to keep you in custody.
Aggarwal said that according to Dominican law, any arrested defendant must appear in court within 72 hours, adding that because Choki did not appear in court within the prescribed time, the court has ordered that he be brought before the magistrate at 4 pm (Dominica Time).

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